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Boutique winery in Vrgorac – the heart of inner Dalmatia in Croatia.

Explore our offer through wine tasting, fine food and kind hospitality.

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wines that tell their stories

Premium wines made from an authentic Dalmatian varieties. We made a reborn of “Trnak” – almost extinct grape variety.

Sixteen years of experience resulted in bringing our flagship: Trnak Stallion Krystal, as well as three new wines.

The Estate

Connection with nature

As we say: what leaf takes, consumer tastes. We put maximum effort in winegrowing with minimum pesticide intervention.

Due to weather conditions, we need to optimize production to preserve plant health.

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The History

From hills to Jezero field

Franić family has a long history of winegrowing, most of time for family and friends.

In past days there was a project that allowed local families to make it commercial. Image below shows why it was impossible to grow long-term cultures.

Jezero field flood

Wine Tour

A Break From Everyday Life

Take a break from everyday life, in a way that brings you more pleasure.

Tasting new wines, pairing them with finger-food and enjoying rural landscape is our everyday offer.

We don’t just make wines, we make experiences.

Women holding glasses of wine and enjoying
Wine selection on the table for presentation

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